Short Sleeve T Shirt
    Short Sleeve T Shirt

Short Sleeve T Shirt

See Worthy Patches

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The words “EYE PATCHES, NOT JUST FOR PIRATES ANYMORE” in an aqua blue over layed on our signature black pirate patch.

These 100% cotton, pre washed and pre shrunk extra soft tee will cause giggles and smiles while warding off unwelcome questions and comments about patching.

Kid inspired, mom created.

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The Details

Better Patches that are Simple & Fun.

Innovative Shape

One-sized form fitting shape (80.6mm x 51.3mm) fits faces of all sizes and ensures that the entire eye is covered comfortably.

Gentle Adhesive

Our ultra-gentle, safe and effective adhesive ensures that no sticky residue is left once you remove the patch. Patented adhesive technology.

Fun Designs

See Worthy was started by a mom that wanted to make patching fun. All of our designs are kid-approved and fun for all ages.

Hypoallergenic & Latex Free

Safe for all skin types. Our patches are also gluten free, paraben free and use no animal testing.